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We cater to a variety of businesses from bakeries, the beauty industry, health and wellness, concert and event promotion agencies, restaurants, car services, the water purification industry, to any type of business. Our goal is to drive online traffic to your company and/or organization by way of eye-catching website designs with the result of increasing profits and visibility.

Who Are We

We are a Information Technology company with the focus on website development, hosting, and e-commerce.

Our Mission

To provide the best possible service and experience to our clients. Leveling the playing fields by following the latest technological trends in the development of each web design. Ultimately, our goal is to increase an organization’s online presence and revenue.

What We Do

Provide the best website designs for a wide variety of companies and organizations.

Our history

Business Solution Services, the parent company of ElateWeb Design and Hosting opened July 2016. The company emphasis is placed on business-to-business merchant services and specializing in e-commerce. The company’s roots begun in 1993 in the merchant account industry (bankcard processing). Merchant services and website design creates a perfect marriage in that the two technologies permit organizations and companies a platform in developing an effective and efficient websites with results.

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Best Quality Designs
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Result Oriented Projects
Award Winning Support Team
Experienced Professionals

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