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The Gateway

We have three gateways in which to choice from:

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Here you get to learn about e-commerce and the importance that it can provide your business. We have provided four of the best e-commerce platforms,, Cayan, Stripe and PayPal.

Three out of the four provides integration with the payment gateway and the shopping cart that can come with a higher cost but with a greatly convenience. For example, Stripe and Paypal handles both the gateway and the processing of the payment (current rates are 2.9% plus .30 per transaction). Opposed to requires a separate bankcard merchant account (such as Cayan or Paysafe) to process all transactions (combined rates can be as low as 1.45% and .20 per transaction, and up to 2.2% with .25 per transaction). Ironically, with Cayan, and Paysafe along with the higher the processing volume, the lower the processing cost.

The Shopping Cart

We have two of the most popular shopping carts in which to select from. Watch the videos for information to determine what is best for your business.

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