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Web Design Packages provide a high-quality WordPress site based on unique and customized WordPress themes specifically created for local business niches. Fast, high-quality web development at a lower price point.

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Web Design Development:

  • Up to 80 premium stock photos used specifically for the site;
  • A custom design created specifically for your business based on your personality;
  • Responsive web design ensures the website is displayed correctly across all screens unlimited storage and bandwidth;
  • SEO-optimized website with features integrated such as blogs, HTML, XML sitemaps, etc.;
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates Installed;
  • One TLs Domain Registration or Transfer;
  • Free TLs Domain Registration;
  • Three revision sessions during the development stage with the third revision minor changes only (all additional revisions requires additional charges apply);
  • Social media icons, favicons, widgets, contact forms, etc.;
  • Premuim Installation of E-commerce Shopping Cart & Payment Gate Packages included  for no additional cost; 
  • Managed web hosting of the newly designed site for 12 months including all required maintenance and updates of the website. Includes up to 54 email addresses depending on the selected package;
  • Our Elate Web Design & Hosting’s Guaranteed Quality Assurance and Support; and,
  • Two-week turnaround time from initial design interview to final release, unless expressly agreed upon to extend that time.

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Fast delivery of your website design

Normally, we can deliver your completed website in two weeks.


To understand your vision in terms of your needs and requirements.

Expertly Packaged

We packaged your design and hosting to work seamlessly in providing your customers an awesome experience.

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